About Me

Who am I?

Yeah, I’m an ordinary Indonesian Girl who LOVES KPOP A LOT!!

Hi!! I’m Meicia ^^

Well, I was better known as Busan Girl. I was born in the line of 00, and I like B.A.P so Much. Based on my pen name, you must know who my bias is.. of course its the HANDSOME PRINCE DAEHYUN!! I first fell for him because of his powerful voice and he is really.. PERFECT!! *okay, I need to calm down*

Being a Babyz doesn’t mean that I’m not exist in the other part of Kpop! I used to be a Big Bang, 2PM and SS501 Fans back then when I was really young.. Hey! This doesn’t mean that I like to change fandoms everytime, NO!! I don’t leave them like the way others did, I changed my fandom, but still follows their comebacks and updates ^^

Daesung is my second bias. Although he is stupid scaredy cat and people said that he is not good looking. I like the way he sings, hang around with others and how funny he is during the Family Outing Era! I like Wooyoung, Jinwoon, Sandeul, Hyuk and more.. but still, I’m really loyal towards Daehyun.. kkk~

Why did I use ‘Busan Girl’ as my pen name? Well.. I found out that most of my bias came from Busan.. like Daehyun, Wooyoung, Eunji, Sandeul and some others XD

I enjoy writting fanfictions, and I’m 100% Daejae Shipper!! I also like Minhyuk-Krystal couple.. And I’m really happy when there is a fanfiction where Daehyun and Krystal were siblings!! I read many kinds of genre, like Romance, Comedy, Family, Friendship, Action and Fantasy.. well sometimes I read Horror fanfictions and ended up being scared all night and I don’t even dare to sleep. Haha :3

You can be my friend by following my twitter @meicia_peace but most of my tweets are Indonesian ^^ Well sometimes I spam about kpop too!

This is my simples Introduction ever!! And I’m really sorry for my grammar mistakes.. I’ve tried my best. Wanna be my Friend?? C’mon!! Just comment below!!



Best Regards,



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